Formed in Palma, Mallorca in 2012 by Captain Rob Donald and his wife Hanne, ENJO Yacht products

have been developed for every yacht cleaning application.

  "When we discovered ENJO Products - made in Austria and developed over the past 20 years -

  we knew they would be perfect for every single yacht cleaning requirement.

  Since 2012, we have worked closely with the ENJO team in Austria to develop an exciting range

  of yacht-specific products.

  Each product is made from special fibres that need only water to clean grease, dirt and bacteria

  from ANY surface.

  YES! Using only WATER and even BACTERIA!"

Try ENJO Yacht Products and witness with your own eyes, ENJO's effective cleaning power -

To place an order, or for an onboard demo in Palma, Mallorca; contact us.



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