How ENJO Yachting products work

ENJO fibres clean mechanically rather than chemically.

Each ENJO fibre is 100 times finer than a human hair and so ENJO products can reach

into the smallest pores and thinnest cracks that are present on all surfaces.

Made from combinations of silk, cotton, viscose and acrylic, with polyester for maximum absorbency

and polyamide for unrivalled durability, ENJO products outperform traditional cleaning products

every time.

Unwanted particles are only released from the ENJO fibre when the cloth or glove is washed,

preferably in a machine cycle set up to 40 degrees.

While chemical cleaners are diluted with water and require water for rinsing, because ENJO products

work mechanically, there’s no need to rinse surfaces before or after application.

A spray bottle of water to wet the surface is all you need.

This cuts cleaning time in half AND uses up to 50% less water!

  "ENJO cuts our cleaning time in half and with better results!"

– Andjelka Pavlovic, Head of Housekeeping on M/Y Radiant, 110m

The ENJO Yacht system is a 2-step process.

Dirt is removed using an ENJO glove;

The surface is then wiped dry with an ENJOfil cloth.

Chemical residue left on surfaces by traditional cleaning methods can lead to bacteria growth.

Drying the surface with an ENJOfil cloth creates an environment where bacteria cannot survive.

Surfaces are left hygienically clean and dry.

  "Where the preparation of food is involved,

a chemical free galley really is the way forward,"

– Wesley Catner-Weston, Chef on M/Y Sia, 35m

With its range of different weights and weaves, ENJO Yachting has cloths and fibre gloves

to clean dirt from even the most delicate of surfaces.

Vinegar water is acidic and if used over a prolonged period can cause pitting

on marble and window glass.

From high-gloss tiles, to fabrics and wooden floors -

  "…ENJO is kinder to the environment and is all-round better for the boat’s surfaces,"

– Guy Booth, Captain on M/Y Aurelia, 37.3m



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